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Innovative Blocks is not just an ordinary construction company aimed at providing great projects of various forms for various purposes with the use of durable material to turn adaptive shipping containers into great structures. These steel structure units seem to be most suitable and reliable components for construction of detachable or momentary structures such as recreational structures, offices, public spaces, homes, event centers, and anything else you can imagine.

Our practical and sustainable structures do not only possess aesthetic appeal, but also saves cost, manage time, and eliminates every prospective environmental and structural-related risk to the slightest minimal. We have a turnkey process that allows you less headache and more enjoyment from start to finish.

Our products constitute unique features from recent innovations intended for the client's comfort and control. The features include: 


Our recyclable units are highly efficient thermal regulating systems such as the heating and cooling systems, recyclable structural materials, and are void of sealants and VOC paints, we also use a special material is the nearly burn proof for your safety. Our heating and cooling units that we use in our units are cost efficient and the best HVAC system we could find for our clients. 


Our units do not come in a fixed shape or size; they vary in shapes sizes according to the specification of the client. Their sizes can range between the standard 20 by 8-foot to whatever size you desire.

Cost and Time Effective

The coupling or construction of our units from a shipping container consumes considerably less cost and time, as it can be coupled on site within a short period of time; as well as reducing construction cost by a minimum of 20% depending on the type, size, and shape of client's demand.

Strength and Durability

In line with its features, Innovative Blocks components are constructed with specifications of materials strong and durable enough to preserve structural integrity by withstanding environmental hazards such as earthquakes and hurricanes, regardless the absence of internal or external walls. The components are also designed and built in compliance with structural safety codes to be fire, water, wind, rust, temperature, and pest resistant.

Our structures are class A fireproof rated, tornado and hurricane rated and have all 3rd party engineering documents shears and more that we can provide. Our products use containers for the base structure but then remove the walls and replace them with metal clad tongue and grove SIP panels which have an R26 value and is also four inches thick.


Innovative Blocks units can be interchanged to create various unique shapes, and most importantly, can be easily moved from place to place, as the case of relocation may warrant. Our team is structured with the best in the industry from engineers, design professionals, architects, real estate agents,finance professionals and just who you need to make this process one to remember.

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