Innovative Blocks is a fabrication company that aims to provide many different elements of structure building  from residential to commercial erections with various forms for various purposes with the use of durable material to create adaptive shipping containers. Our steel structure units seem to be the most suitable and reliable components for building detachable or momentary structures such as recreational structures, offices, public spaces, homes, event centers, national disaster units, and any structure intended for shelter. Our practical and sustainable structures do not only possess aesthetic appeal, but also saves cost, cuts down on building time,  cuts down on every prospective environmentally and structurally taking all  risk to the slightest minimal. Our units can be any size, shape, color, square foot, and designed any way you can imagine.

We are your go to source in case of safety worries, national disaster units, container designs, and more. We have  team of professionals who not only love their jobs but desire to make sure every client is educated on what we provide and help them acquire their dreams.

Our Priority is Service and our Clients Satisfaction

 We strive to offer a great range of container structures based on our clients needs and at an affordable price. Our team does more than just come to work we actually love what we do. We are highly qualified & professional and we offer fast delivery with turn key service. We pride ourselves in making sure the process of becoming a container home owner is one that not only you will remember but also love.

Natural Disaster Units

We are all aware that natural disasters are not preventable and can take a toll on everyone involved. Innovative Blocks has a quick response unit that provides fast turn around in many cases. We are prepared by request to provide housing units, temporary office structures or storm units during a time of need. No matter the disaster we can be of help.

Affordable Housing Projects

Affordable container projects are also a great part of what we do. Affordable housing meet, and at times, exceed local building standards and design requirements. The housing often integrates sustainable building materials, energy and water conservation measures, and features that promote a healthy environment. The developments are professionally managed to ensure that the new housing retains its value and remains attractive and affordable for a fixed period (usually 55 years). The developments must regularly certify that residents meet the income criteria.

If this is a project that you seek please contact our Affordable Housing Team toady.

Business Display Structures

Is your business looking for a temporary structure to travel with your companies brand to market or network? If this is you we can custom design a unit just for you. No matter the need, size, color or location we can customize just for your company. Get with our team today to customize for your next event today.

Custom Container Homes

Are you in the market for a new home? Look no further Innovative Blocks can help. If you have a home design in mind we can redesign it to become a container property, but keep your same plan and vision. For the safety, the durability and the functionality you dream of long term. The traditional home building process hasn't changed in forever. The millennials are seeking something new, innovative and eco friendly. So many are now looking to live off the gird and save money and live more. We have the answers that can assist with your desire of living. We don't desire to place your vision of your home in a box, but we do desire to help your live in one.

Container Food Trucks or Recreational Vehicles

We can design and build it all. If you name it we can contain it. We can help you contain your business venture or leisure travel unit. Our team can help with it all. Our design professionals are very creative and unique, they desire to know the client and hear what it is your seek and make your dream a reality. Don't limit your vision birth it with the Innovative Team you will be glad you didn't put it off.


Innovative also offer underground container shelters, bunkers and safe rooms  for your needs. Our underground bunker units and custom emergency shelters are all done in house and delivered to your property in a timely fashion. We can customize the units to your desire and make sure they are ready and available when you need it. Don't limit yourself on bunkers make them fit just what you need.

No project is too big or small! We can help you birth your DREAM. Making Container Dreams more of a reality.


Shopping Centers

Recreational Units

Disaster Relief Units



College Dorms


Day Care Units

You Name it, We Contain It!

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